frequently asked questions 

How much do waterfall party tickets cost?

Ticket price for entry is just 600 Baht, and this includes a free drink on entry. You can purchase your tickets safely and commission free here on our website. The first 100 tickets sold on our website also get a free t-shirt :) 

how to get to (and from) waterfall party?

The simple answer... TAXI! 

Although it might be tempting to try and get to the party on your motorbike, the road is literally a jungle track and is very dangerous to ride on. Driving back after a night partying is also extremely dangerous. Nearly all the taxis on the island will be heading towards the party anyway and cost around 100b each way.  Taxi's will also be waiting outside the party all night if you decide you need to finally leave the dancefloor, so getting back home is not a problem, regardless of the time (and your condition :) 

What to wear to waterfall party?

WHAT YOU WANT! Nobody is judging you here! We've seen some crazy outfits over the years. However there will be glow paint everywhere, and it tends to stain clothes. Not to mention you are in the jungle, near a waterfall... So maybe think twice before wearing you favorite brand new white trainers.  

what to bring to waterfall party? 

Your friends, smiley faces and your dancing feet :) And maybe a little cash if you fancy a drink (or 3 buckets). Oh, and don't forget your taxi money for that ride home. You really will not need much more than this. Drinks are not overpriced like they are at some events, and ID wont be required for entry. With no ATM on site, bringing bank cards is pointless and losing bank cards and ID's is a real downer, so best keep all your important things at home. Having a designated camera phone holder to help capture those messy moment might not be a bad idea though ;) 

When does the waterfall party finish?

This depends on you guys.  If theres people dancing, the party goes on! We often go on until noon the following day. Giving you a good rest in time for the full moon party!  

When does the waterfall party start getting busy?

The doors open at 8pm, as does the music. However the party is in full power mode between 12pm - 5am. 


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